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Franklin Sollars and Associates-Counseling and Psychological Services

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Many prospective clients like to know about our practice and people behind the services we provide. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our company.

Our Counseling and Psychotherapy Philosophy

We are a dedicated group of practitioners whose goal is to deliver the highest quality psychotherapy services with care, compassion and strict confidentiality. We treat a wide array of problems including relationship issues,depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and more severe psychological problems. Our members treat children, adolescent, adults and couples with a wide range of counseling techniques.

The objective of our practice is to provide a high quality caring and confidential counseling service for our clients. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and and hopefully using our services to advance your emotional growth and psychological well being.

The team work of Psychologists, Social workers and Master level therapists are able to provide diverse services to a wide array of clients needs. We consider our diversity a strength.

We have all raised or are raising our own families now. We understand the pain of family difficulties and our childrens troubles. All of us have been counselors for many years as well and we have worked hard in our communities to help with drug abuse and education and to improve the lives of those who are in need of help. If you are in a postion like this it is our privelege to help you. Call us at 248 613 5377 0r email us at
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Sollars and Associates, Counseling and Psychotherapy Services

Sollars and Associates has been in practice since 1982. We are a group of practitioners who wanted independence from the greater bureaucracy of corporate mental health clinics but who value collegiality, teamwork, and support.

Sollars and Associates, Counseling and Psychological Services

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